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9/10/2019 Email blast

Talk about it Tuesdays with your SRD’s 

Parents, this week I want us to tackle the topic of student drop-off and pick-up. Let me first say there is no perfect fix. It is a time consuming process that plagues every school. We do our best to keep traffic moving but our focus is our students. We will do what's necessary to keep our students safe. Hopefully by explaining some things we can eliminate safety concerns and help you to understand why we do what we do. 


Our main safety concerns:

  • When a student/parent-pedestrian is in the crosswalk there should be NO vehicular traffic. Even if they are not in the crosswalk you are crossing over. 
  • You can not drop off/pick up students on the side of the road. F.S.S. 316.1945 (1)(a)12


Elementary Parents.

-Elementary parents please have your pick up tag visible at all times. 

-Drive down the middle lane and show me your car tag and I will direct you to the outside pickup lane. 


Middle/High school parents 

-stay in the turn lane and wait for the drive to clear. 

-When dropping off, pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk, allowing more vehicles to drop off speeding the process up greatly. By stopping at the crosswalk/ gate only 2 cars can drop students off at a time. 


Please do not go into the neighborhood to make a u-turn. Our main concern for traffic flow is the traffic coming off 390. By keeping that lane open as long as possible we clear vehicles from the light, which in turn clears 390. The more we have to stop for traffic coming from the neighborhood the slower pick-up and drop-off takes. There is no reason for school traffic to be in the neighborhood. 


Let’s try not to park on the road to wait- F.S.S 316.1945(1)(a)1 . Park in the dirt parking lot or come a little later to pick your child up. 


One last note, Parents and student drivers please know that our goal is to not slow you down. We do not wish to make your experience any more stressful, in fact we are attempting to make your drop-off/pick-up easier. That said, we are focused on everyone and everything, therefore we likely see things you do not see. If we give a clear direction to stop please understand we are keeping everyone safe. Whether you agree with what we are asking or not please follow our signals. It is also a criminal violation to refuse to obey law enforcement 

(F.S.S 316.0712(3))


We know that every parent wants every student safe, please help us to make that happen! 


Your SRD’s 

Deputy Bohac and Deputy Ford 





Fall Pictures

Thursday, September 12th for Middle and High School


Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbooks are now on sale with the back to school price of $65.00 for High School and $35.00 for Middle School. We will ONLY be doing online sales again this year.  With this offer, purchasers who personalize their yearbook can get up to 4 free icons.Your Back-to-School offer will run through Friday, 10/25 for both schools. After this date, the price will go up.  Order your yearbook today while you can purchase them at the lowest price of the year.  


 Here are the purchase links for each school. 


Middle School


High School



Pre-SAIL Membership

Calling ALL 6th - 8th grade students in advanced classes!  Come join Pre-SAIL, a fun and educational honors club offered only at North Bay Haven!!  


Pre-SAIL members will be officially "pinned" at the 1st Quarter Awards Ceremony, receive an official Pre-SAIL t-shirt, and are invited to attend special members-only events like the Welcome Breakfast, Christmas party, and two field trips.


A link to the membership application is provided below or hard copies are available at the front desk.  Applications must be completed and turned in along with your $25 membership dues no later than Friday, September 13th (late applications will not be accepted).  The requirements to be a part of Pre-SAIL include:  Maintain A/B Honor Roll each quarter and be enrolled in at least 3 core (English, Math, Science or Social Students) advanced courses each year.


Grades will be verified after the Quarter 1 posting on October 11th.  At that time, official acceptance letters will be sent out.  If you turned in your application and membership fees and DO NOT meet the requirements your membership fee will be refunded.



Come GLOW with us!! The first middle school dance of the year will be Friday, Sept. 20 from 6:30-8:30PM and the theme is GLOW. Wear neon clothes and break out your glows sticks! Tickets will be on sale next week in the cafeteria.  Presale tickets are $8, $10 at the door. If you would like to donate items or volunteer, please visit the sign up link: 



Boys Basketball

For any boys interested in playing basketball for the upcoming 2019-20 season, there will be a Mandatory JV and Varsity parent meeting on September 12, 2019 at 5:30 PM in the NBH Cafe'..
Thank you

Coach Jeremy Deal



North Bay Haven Varsity Football is partnering with Coaches for Curing Cancer to bring you an amazing dinner with guest speaker, Heisman trophy winner and NBA star, Charlie Ward.  The dinner will include live and silent auctions with items such as sports memorabilia, jewelry, trips to exciting locations, and more!!  Tickets are available online at, keyword: North Bay Haven.  For paper tickets, see Coach Siegal.  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Leeanne Fleming at


Volunteer opportunity

We need individuals that would assist in monitoring students before school, 7:15-8:15am, in the cafeteria and on the cafe patio. You would need to stop by the front off and have your license scanned and wear the visitor badge at all times while on campus. Volunteer as many or as little days as you would like. Sign up at and report to Mrs. Woodford for your location assignment.