North Bay Haven Charter Academy Middle and High School

11/27/18 Email Blast

NBH Christmas Giving

It's that time of year again when NBH families come together to support one another and spread the joy of the season!  This year, in lieu of the Angel Tree, we would like to offer gift cards to those of you that could use a little extra help. 


If your family needs assistance for Christmas, and we can help, please contact your child's counselor by Friday, December 7:



Information regarding "sponsoring" a NBH family for Christmas will be sent out next week. 


Federal Impact Cards will be sent home, Wednesday, November 28th Cards are due to the front office by December 10th!!!!! 

All military members and civilian employees, (including contractors) who are parents or legal guardians of children attending public schools (including charter schools) in grades K-12 should be on the lookout for the 

To qualify, they must be in one of the following categories:

  1. Have a parent or guardian active in the military (uniformed service);
  2. Live on one of the military bases;
  3. Have a parent who works on one of the military bases - this includes civil service and those who work for military contractors.

Funds received through Federal Impact Aid help off-set the tax revenue that is lost due to the tax exempt status of the federal property located within the school district. Federal Impact Aid is a source of desperately needed funding and other benefits for our local school district.




All students will continue their free breakfast and lunch status until January 7, 2019. At that time they will return to their prior lunch status before the disaster relief status change. If you have ANY change in your household or haven’t filled out an application for this school year you are encouraged to do so.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions