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Parent-Teacher-Student Partnership (PTSP)


The PTSP is equivalent to traditional Parent Teacher Associations (PTA). However, we believe that the Students are an integral part of a great learning partnership. It takes all three (Student, Parent, and Teacher) to support a successful learning environment. The PTSP does so much for the school to give our children a great learning environment. Some of the many accomplishments provided with parental dollars and volunteer time include new and improved kitchen equipment, playground equipment, computers, computer software, the majority of the gym floor, books for the library and classrooms, Teacher Appreciation Week, science laboratory supplies, The Accelerated Reader Program, Student of the Quarter and Citizen of the Quarter, The Raptor Security System, Red Ribbon Week, furniture and shelving around the school, the Summer Work Reward Parties, and much, much, more. We also provide fun, family activities, such as the annual Family Bar-B-Q, Fall Festival, and Fish Fry.

This is where the Parent-Teacher-Student Partnership comes in. We are all required to contribute 20 hours of volunteer time to support our great school. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as attending the PTSP General meetings, attending North Bay Haven Restaurant Nights, helping with the Bar-B-Q or Fall Festival, and many other opportunities. You can also earn hours by assisting the teachers in various ways in the classroom or helping in the Copy Center. Should you want to help with fundraisers or help around the school, please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you around the campus. If you have any questions at all about the PTSP or have suggestions or ideas for the school, please do not hesitate to contact any one of your PTSP officers or the school. Our school is built on our team of volunteers. We can't do it without YOU!

Let's all work together to make each child's potential a reality.