North Bay Haven Charter Academy Middle and High School

Principal's Message

Please click above on "Principals Message" tab above to see a short video on the 'NBHCA Reopening and Innovative Virtual Plan. Also, to see the actual plan, it is linked in the News and Announcement Section on the left hand side of this page and titled NBHCA Reopening and Innovative Virtual Plan. Please read to see the details. 
If you have not heard yet, NBHCA will be delaying the start of school two weeks. The new first day of school will be Monday, August 24th. We are doing this for safety precautions, and to better prepare our campus, students, staff and parents on the reopening and innovative learning plan. 
We are also working on tours and meet the teacher days for all new MS/HS students and parents. We will do this in a very safe and controlled manner- i.e. masks required, temps taken, groups very small. This will all take place between August 10th and the first day. We are doing this to make the first day easier for your child. As a reminder, once school starts on August 24th no visitors/ parents/ etc. will be allowed on campus during school hours of 7-3:30.
I released a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) today to answer the many questions you all had for me after I released the reopening and innovative learning plan. It is attached to this section and also in the News and Announcement section of the website.
Stay tuned for more info I will keep this page up to date!
Thanks everyone, be safe and take care. See you soon!

Mike McLaughlin